I enjoy going to the Cincinnati Musical Festival every year with JJJ Productions because:

- Everyone is so friendly and ready to party!

- The party begins as soon as the bus pulls off from 87th Street and it doesn’t end until we return back to 87th Street!!!!

- I have never experienced any “BS” on this trip!!!


I return to JJJ Productions for my Cinci trip nearly every year because I know they have been doing this for a while now and they are good at it.

I’ve tried doing it myself. Driving to and from. Booking the hotel and buying to concert tickets. I didn’t save a penny nor did I have half as much fun as I did when I went with JJJ. I was able to get on the bus and enjoy the whole weekend. And if any glitches come up all I have to do is be patient because Charles and Clyde do their best to handle it. Thanks guys


I have been traveling with JJJ Productions for about 14yrs.

I have been to Sporting Events, The Jazz Fest, and just weekend party getaways. The best part is you get the most for your money, excellent accommodations, and comfortable buses as well as great parties.

JJJ Productions goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has a good time. It is the premier travel group for the Grown and Sexy!